Simplicity Of Design For Driving Surgical Service Line Procedures

Hospitals, surgeons and other physicians rely on MedSitez design and CRM System to grow their surgical service lines and add more surgeries every month.

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How do MedSitez differ from typical healthcare websites?

Distraction Free

Make it easy for your patients to move forward

Goal Oriented

Every practice website should have a purpose

Disease Focused

Focus your impact on a disease that you treat

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Distraction Free Websites

MedSites are distraction free so that you can grab the full attention of your visitors. Because there is usually only one path for them to take, contacting you, we can reduce the friction for them to take that step. By focusing on speaking directly to the audience segment with that disease, and that audience only, your site can speak to them more clearly and effectively.

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A Simple Focus on Your Goal

Websites should always have a goal. Common goals include clicking a button to call the practice, submitting a contact form or signing up for an email list. Whatever the goal, MedSitez optimizes the chance they will make it there and take action. By designing around a goal, it becomes abundantly clear to your potential patients how to move forward with you.

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Disease Focused

Medical websites convert visitors into patients at much higher rates when they focus on on one disease. When a patient lands on your site and it is focused on exactly what they are looking for, they tend to take action much more often. Many of our customers also use multiple MedSitez together for different diseases that they treat, speaking to different audiences.

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Additional MedSitez Features

MedSite Blog Technology

With your MedSite, you will receive one disease oriented blog post for patients to learn more about the disease you treat and how your treatment will help improve their quality of life.

Social Media Integration

We will provide a linking structure so that visitors to your site can navigate to your social channels where they can interact with you and learn more about what you do.

Web Hosting

We will host your website and all of it’s content, including images and video, on a fast and secure platform which will be an additional $40 per month.

Contact Forms

We will provide you with forms for your patients to reach out to you about taking the next steps in receiving treatment for the disease your site focuses on.

Click-to-Call Buttons

We will provide your site with click to call buttons, so that your patients visiting from mobile phones can instantly reach out to your office to set up appointments.

Local Search Optimization

We will provide basic SEO so that your site can be found by search engines and indexed for the content concerning the disease your site is helping you treat.

Secure Site Encryption

All of our sites use basic SSL technology. This is a form of encryption, providing a layer of security for your site and all of the data it is collecting.

Mobile Responsive

Your site will be designed for mobile first and scale up beautifully on all sizes of screens including different mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.

Device Agnostic

Your site will work on any device and on any platform, including both Android and iOS. Your content will be able to be accessed by anyone who gets to your site.

Business Information

Your site will contain all of your business information, including address, phone number, and email address so that your customers can reach you however they would like.

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